About Us

Maxim Farm

Maxim Farm currently distributes Japanese protein directly to high-end restaurants, as well as from our online store. 

Maxim Farm's mission is to provide fresh Japanese produce with a family-oriented touch to help our customers find familiarity in rare ingredients. 


Learn more about the one-of-a-kind, sacred farming practices that goes into our Japanese wagyu on The Art of Beef.

Who We Are

Originally from Japan, and now based out of Los Angeles, behind Maxim Farm is a family team with a passion for finding healthy and sustainable ingredients that still focuses on preserving traditional Japanese flavor. 

Incorporating California-based family values into Japanese cuisine is the goal with our relationships with Japanese farms.

  • Wagyu is sourced from sustainable farms that employ traditional Japanese farming practices.
  • Seafood is sustainably sourced without hormones/ antibiotics whenever possible.

Maxim Farm understands that the most delicious protein comes from quality care, therefore ensuring sustainability and respect for the animals from beginning to end.