Meet our Executive chef and Associates!

Posted by KT on Oct 16th 2020

Chef Joji Inoue worked as an executive chef, culinary consultant and is an ambassador for Japanese American cuisine.With both French and Japanese culinary training. Chef Joji worked in Japan with Michelin starred restaurants before joining Chaya Group in Los Angeles as the Executive Chef. After Chaya, Chef Joji joined Yamashiro Restaurant in Hollywood as Executive Chef, leading a progressive Japanese American menu.

Joji is an important member on the Maxim Farm team that provides advice on determining the appropriate meat for the high-end restaurants from Maxim Farm's various selection. 

Joji is unafraid to break traditional stigma, and push the creative comforts of history to redefine Japanese cuisine for Los Angeles.

His deep connections with artisans and craft man from has allowed him to be the bridge of culture between Tokyo/NY/Paris/LA.

 Joji Inoue - Shumei Natural Agriculture : Shumei Natural Agriculture